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The Vertical Window Blind has established itself as probably the most popular and versatile type of window blind available in UK and Ireland today.

Our most popular fabrics range in colours from plain white through to creams and champagne colours with subtle patterns. We keep in stock a large variety of these fabrics offering you not only the best prices but also much faster turn around times (Can be as quick as 48hrs from quotation to installation). We also have access to thousands of different colours, patterns and materials to enhance the décor of any room. Different combinations make this type of blind not only practical, but an asset to any room.

The Importance of Quality

All of our vertical blinds are supplied on a deluxe head rail system. Many customers overlook the importance of a good quality robust head rail. Our blind head rail is made from aluminium (Not plastic like many DIY retailers would provide you with) and all the pegs and clips are UV resistant. This would be of particular interest to those of you who are having to replace a blind due to the fact that the plastic peg/hook that connects the material to the head rail has broken.

Other services that we can provide are:

Slat only service: does your previous choice of vertical blind no longer fit in with the new decor in your room? We can provide a slat only service if your handrail is in good working condition. Simply pop into the showroom with your old slat/vane and count how many you require, choose the fabric of your choice and we will make up the new slats for you saving you money.

Head rail only: Has your vertical blind head rail broken and the company you purchased it from not interested in helping unless you replace the whole blind? If possible pop the head rail into the showroom (Stoke Road, Gosport) and we can make you an new one.

Spare components: Have you ever had vertical blinds and found that the bottom chain and weights have broken over time or damaged by your pets/children. We can supply replacement bottom weights and chain, again saving you from replacing the whole blind and giving your existing one a new look.


We aim to offer all our customers the best possible service. For a full range of our products please contact us.

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