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Here at Gosport Blinds we have a huge selection of aluminium Venetian Blinds (over 150 different effects, finishes and colours) as well as Real Wood Venetian Blinds.

There are many advantages associated with having a Venetian blind on each of your windows. This type of blind has a number of positive qualities. First of all, Venetian window blinds offer good lighting control. They can be raised to different positions over the window, and their slats can be adjusted for even more precision control. The advantages associated with privacy are similar to those regarding lighting control. With a Venetian blind, you control how much those outside of your home can actually see, if they were looking.

Woodslat Venetian: our most popular range of Woodslat Venetian is our express range. The express range of blinds comprises of 7 different finishes (Chocolate, Walnut, Pecan, Sugar Maple, White, Oyster) and three different slat widths; 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. The express range of real wood blind is made from Basswood. Basswood is the ideal wood to make wooden venetian blinds as it is fairly lightweight yet still offers the durability required from a blind that is made to last.

Versatility, functionality and beauty are easy to combine into one window treatment: venetian blinds.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds: There is an amazing array of different colours and designs including wood effect and Perforated, chrome, and many more.The aluminium blind can be very versatile. There are many different solutions available with the Aluminium Venetian allowing you to put a blind on a door or window that you may have not been able to do so otherwise.

We do not supply blinds manufactured using inferior materials such as plastic venetian slats and replica wood materials. an supply replacement bottom weights and chain, again saving you from replacing the whole blind and giving your existing one a new look.


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